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John Glasson retired  after 35 years of teaching maths to all grades, at all levels.  While teaching he also gave private tuition, mainly with senior students.  Fairly early in his career he realised that quite a few students had gaps in their knowledge of the subject.  These gaps had different causes:

                                   *  inattention at a critical time

                                   *  unaviodable absences without catch-up on missed work

                                   *  changes of teachers within school

                                   *  changes of school

John noticed that often the sizes of the gap increased because of the basic value of the missed work.  Her often noticed that many students had a goood grasp of all their subjects except maths.

John Glasson

John compiled MAXIMATHS - Your Essential Mathematics so that it could be a 'safety net'

to help students who have these gaps.

John realised that different topics would appeal to different grades, that the tables section would attract juniors first, although it would benefit all grades.  Students would get into the habit of working with this course, making up tables and lists.    In all topics John started with the basics, encouraging students to have a 'hands-on' approach to their work and thus gain confidence.  A baby has to crawl before it can walk: the same applies with maths.  John devised this course to help students assimilate the simple stuff first, then confidently go on to the more advanced ideas.